10 Ways to Learn with Felt!

Posted on May 11, 2021

Felt is a hardy and extremely versatile fabric that makes wonderful and affordable toys for toddlers. But did you know that felt can be an AWESOME way to help toddlers learn?

Since felt is so both tough and soft, it can easily be used to teach all sorts of great things for grasp-y toddler hands. Let’s take a look!

1. Want to teach your toddler their ABC’s and 123s? Check out our Giant Alphabet & Numbers Set!

2. Colors can also be taught with our set!

3. Simple Math is a breeze when you play with DM3 Designs

4. Reading is fundamental. Basic reading and spelling options… what more can this set do?!

5. Teach your kids about the Ocean!

6. Bring story time alive and promote creativity with themed felt sets.

7. Curious about sea animals? All of our sea animals in our ‘Under the Sea’ set represent real animals found in the ocean! Maybe just a tad more colorful 😉 

8. Learn about Thanksgiving and create your own colorful Turkey!

9. Fall Harvest Vegetables? We got you covered. Kids can decorate their own smorgasboard and learn about vegetables harvested in the fall.

10. Cold outside but still want to build a snowman? Voila! Warm Hands. Cold Snowman.

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